UNDAUNTED’s schedule mirrors Calgary’s school boards with regular activities from September to June every year. If a Cadet cannot make an activity the are expected to ask for “leave” so we know they will not be coming.

Regular Training — Tuesdays, 6pm to 9:15pm

All UNDAUNTED’s members need to regularly attend training, otherwise they won’t be trained

Additional Training Opportunities —Sundays

Each specialty training group has their own time slot. Cadets only need to attend these activities if they want to be in the specialty group

Exercises & Weekends

From time to time, training takes our Corps out of town for the weekend or has a special meet up.


Regular Training — Her Majesty’s Canadian Ship TECUMSEH

Space is generously made available to UNDAUNTED by HMCS TECUMSEH, Calgary’s Naval Reserve Division located just off Crowchild Trail & 17th Avenue at 1820 24 St SW, Calgary, AB T2T 0G6