Stopping at the guard shack and in front of the museum is NOT PERMITTED at anytime!

Parents are reminded that they are to pull into the parking lot when dropping off or picking up cadets. This requirement comes directly from the CO and XO and is in place to ensure the safety of the cadets at all times.

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Volunteers Needed - contact our bingo coordinator Clara Gingras
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You Can Help Recruit for #22 RCSCC Undaunted


  • Please help us with recruiting by picking up a stack of brochures and posters from Admin and distributing them in your communities. Places to target include: Community Centres, Swimming Pools , medical/dental offices and clinics, hairdressers, esthetics salons etc...
  • Keep a stack of brochures and posters in your car and each time you stop somewhere - ask the store owners if you can put some brochures or posters on display.
  • Speak to the Administration at the schools in your area or in the area near Tecumseh - ask if we can come in and do a presentation to their Grade 7 classes (this is the age group we need to target the most)