Cadets must notify the Administration Officer (Admin O) of any absences and leave requests in advance.

The preferred method of notification is the following form.

Clearly state:

  • Your surname, given name, rank (in that order, separated by commas).
  • Your division.
  • The dates you will be absent (if only one day, enter only From Date and leave To Date blank).
  • The reason for the absence.


Cadets who are unable to attend mandatory events *must* submit a leave request to the CO in writing (paper or email), in addition to this notification form.

Phoning Ship's Office is not acceptable for a mandatory event.

Mandatory events include:

  • Full Ship's Company Practice
  • Ceremonial Divisions parade
  • Remembrance Day parade
  • Battle of the Atlantic parade
  • Annual Ceremonial Review
  • Others at CO's discretion